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Last day of preschool, pick up by Masa

Masa helped us with drop off and pick up. She's been helping us especially when it rained, and twins love the car ride! Maybe we don't need to ask her to pick up, though hope she can continue giving us a ride to park and other places! Thank you, Masa!
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Fly For All #大空を見上げよう

It's an event by an air race pilot Yoshi Muroya called Fly For All . It was so cool watching the big smile drawn in the sky right above me! I could see another one above Shibuya, but actually he was flying really high up, as high as Mt. Fuji. It was such an amazing event, uplifting! Thank you! A big smile in the sky above Tokyo Tower Another one above Shibuya!

Sandwiches from Viking Bakery

Viking Sandwich Strawberry & mascarpone sandwich  熊本産苺「アスカルビー」とマスカルポーネのサンドイッチ

We're witches!

 That bloom is really worn out, though...

Lunch at Yotsuya Ippindo

While waiting for my friend to show up, I witnessed no line at WAKABA in front! Before anybody gets in, I purchased their TAIYAKI (fish cake). But I'm here for Taiwanese pepper buns, and I added soy soup and a peanut cake. The tables were all taken, people came by on a regular basis. Yum! Will be back again!  四谷一餅堂でランチ。お友達を待っていると、 目の前のわかばさんの行列が無いではありませんか! すかさずたい焼き購入です。でも今日の本題は胡椒餅。鹹豆漿( シェントウジャン)がまだあったので、花生餅(ピーナッツ饅頭) も一緒に注文。やっぱりザーサイはみじん切りが良いね。 店内満席、人もそれなりに来ています。ご馳走様でした。 また来ます! 胡椒餅 Taiwanese pepper buns わかばのたい焼き

Cherry blossom sighting at Aoyama Cemetery

Walking around Aoyama Cemetery. It's surreal that cherry blossoms are falling and covering graveyards, and its beauty, ephemeral,  tranquility, everything I don't have enough words to express. And there were white dandelions on the ground. It's very unusual in east Japan. It made me happy to see a couple of flower petals on the loaf of bread I bought before the walk.   青山墓地で花見。 散りゆく桜の花びらが古いお墓に降り積もるのはなんともシュール で、美しさ、儚さと、静かさと、何とも言えず、非日常的。 そんな中、足元には白いタンポポ。東日本では珍しい。 家に帰って見たら、 お散歩前に買ったパンに花びらが付いていたのが何だか嬉しい。 Ships at a graveyard Old Christianity graveyard 白いタンポポ White dandelion Cherry blossom tunnel Cherry blossom petals on a graveyard Flower petals on a loaf of bread Videos of cherry blossom falling , cherry blossom falling like snow , and the last one .

Japanese breakfast at Denny's

Eating at my own pace is such a luxury for me these days, especially such a traditional Japanese meal, even at Denny's. 

Park after preschool

  Naoya going through the tunnel Masaki following

Mo using sawing machine

  A video here .

Arita pottery cups from Arita Town in Saga Prefecture

Found these on the web, fell in love, but not for purchase. These are the return gift of paying "hometown tax" to Arita, which is a system in which you can choose to pay part of your residential tax to a specific local government. My husband made a tax payment to the town of Arita, and these cups showed up in a couple days! These make me happy! Thank you very much! 有田焼タンブラー。ウェブで見つけて欲しくなってしまい、でも普通に売ってない。佐賀県有田町のふるさと納税の返礼品なのです。有田陶器市のイベントで使っていた紙コップの模様を焼き物カップに写して作ったそう。旦那様が税金払って2日で届きました。有難う! 

Twins checking out the new park

 Hommura park was going under the construction for about a year, and opened again the day before. The toys are suitable for little ones, and they are new! We'll come here more often from now on! Monkey bars See-Saw Spin! This statue moved from the old location A video of  Naoya on a play toy at Hommura Park .

Mo made candied bananas

 He tried banana this time. Getting better. 

Ton in Kimono

 She wanted to ware kimono so I dressed her up in mine, and we went for a walk.  Snack at park

Mo making candied strawberries

 He found a recipe on YouTube and tried candied strawberries. He liked it a lot!

Ton did nails for twins

How long do I have to wait...? Look at my nails! Happy Masaki  

Shake snack after school

  Naoya trying to suck his banana shake so hard Naoya with a banana shake, Masaki with a strawberry shake Cherry blossom petals Videos of twins walking with Ton , twins having shakes for snack , and  Naoya & Masaki playing.

Date with my daughter

Indian curry for lunch then a variety of green teas followed. It's so much easier going out with her.  娘とデート。ランチにインドカレー、そして緑茶スィーツをIPPUKUで。娘とは落ち着いてお出かけができます。 Green tea medley at Ippuku Green tea americano, hot green tea, green tea & roasted tea terrine, and green tea chocolate croissant sandwich Chilling in Nihombashi