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Father & Daughter making ginger cookies

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Traditional Jewish Chinese Christmas Dinner

Traditional Chinese Christmas dinner at my household, followed by black grass jelly I made to ease my stomach. 恒例の中華クリスマスディナー。自作の仙草ゼリーでさっぱりと。 Team Orange

Swags for decoration

  Flowers I got the other day went bad, and I gathered the rest of the greens and made swags. Decorated with red and gold ribbons, it became seasonal ornaments. A little extended joy of flowers. 先日頂いたお花が枯れてしまったので、残ったグリーンをまとめてスワッグにして、家にあったリボンでまとめたらそれなりの季節のデコレーションに。長く楽しめて嬉しい。 A swag on the door A swag on Ton's desk

This month's flowers

Sweet pea (AOSHIKIBU),  Spray mum pink (Sei Erna), white (Ferry), bitter orange (Fireball), Stock (Apricot) 今月の花: スイートピー(青式部)、スプレーマム ピンク(セイエルナ)、白(フェリー)、橙(ファイヤーボール)、ストック (アプリコット)  

A ball on the radar...?

Found a ball floating between Cuba, Jamaica, and Cancun, while searching for Santa on the radar...   Santa was above Australia

Twins posing for camera


Posing with a new Audi

And distracted...

Snack at bricolage bread

 After playing at a robot park, we went by our favorite bread shop for snack.  Masaki Naoya "Mama, take a picture! There's a rainbow!"

Santa on the radar at FlightRadar24

 サンタクロース、 見つけた!FlightRadar24で追跡できる!

Bread from Yuria's mom

 She bought some of those rolls for boys. Thank you! Masaki Naoya

Radio Ton made at school

  娘が学校でラジオを作ったそう。電気がついて、手動式のバッテリー&Bluetoothまで!時代ですね。 My daughter made a radio at school. It has a light, handle for manual battery, and bluetooth! What a generation.

Pikachu Christmas Tree at Nihombashi Takashimaya

 A bit of a trip to get Ton a coat at Nihombashi Takashimaya. Twins were excited to see this Christmas tree, though I kept a secret that they have Pokemon Center on the top floor...  ピカチュウ、カビゴン、ミュウ  Pikachu, Snorlax, and Mew at Pokemon Center DX Tokyo

Decorated cookies from kindergarten as Christmas gift

Boys received those decorated cookies from Santa at kindergarten this afternoon. Happy!   Naoya Masaki

Lunch with mommy friends before winter break

To be prepared mentally for the winter break, we had lunch at Milieu. We were the last one who could get the table. It was a small restaurant to begin with, but it was popular. Great food as usual! Dolmades Charcoal grilled pork Greek cheese cake Baklava Desserts & mountain teas  

川上の鱒寿司 Trout sushi

 New one to try. Purchased at Toyama shop in Nihombashi. Very good. 

Pistachio Opera @Oslo Coffee


Chef Mo

 Mo wanted this spice he saw on the net, which we bought the day before, and it was time for him to actually use it for cooking. He did the most of the cooking, and was happy at the end. Success! MAXIMUM, original spice Mo wanted Mo cooking chicken Nicely browned Grilled chicken with onion Mo cooked sea bass スズキのムニエル Sea bass