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Bus rider back home

Overheard a conversation between two senior ladies on the bus way back to home from work.

One lady said she was worried about her daughter not getting married.
"I was worried about her going out when she was young, and was careful not to let her go on date with some boys, but now I regret what I did. If she had more chances of meeting, she would've been married by now."

The other lady was telling her that she was embarrassed by her daughter married to a man not from the good family.
"Children of my brothers and cousins all married to the people from the good family. My daughter is the only one not married to such a good family. Even my husband's end relatives also married to decent family. I'm so embarrassed."

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

One is not happy about her daughter being single. One is not happy that her daughter doesn't belong to decent family that she can claim to her relatives. Probably both of them were trying to comfort each other by telling their own stories, but to me, it sounded as if they were trying to high light how they were unfortunate.

How can you blame not being married? It could be her daughter's choice. How can you measure "good family"? What's the criteria of being "good family"? Doesn't it matter if the daughter is happy with the one she chose to marry?

People can't stop comparing. They don't look at little happiness in their lives but seek more what they don't have. People are greedy. They want what the others own but they don't. They won't ever be satisfied.

As walking back to home after the bus ride, said good luck in my mind to those ladies, I saw the lights on at my home, my little happiness that someone is waiting for me.


qaminante said…
It's the same all over the world, although I wonder how old the unmarried daughter was! It's a sort of competitivity in reverse, among mothers.
Happy New Year from Belgium
Fluffy said…
Old ladies on buses piss me off... like hippies. At least you're more reserved than I am. I would have smacked them over their respective heads and yelled "Get your heads out of your butts!" But that's just me.
Papa said…
And your little happiness is my great happiness.
a new friend said…
When we love someone, we should simply be happy for their happinesses.

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