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20130601 Keiki Hula Ho'ike

Pose!Introducing what they are going to dance todayWe're going to dance "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"Hula started3 to 4 years old kids from Komazawa Park International School
Boys can dance Hula, too!Too much makeup...?With Nao, a class mate from Honmura Elementary SchoolRay, Allen's little brother
Cup cake and a sweet for her hardwork

20130601 Keiki Hula Ho'ike, a set on Flickr.
After a few rehearsals and meetings in the mornings and evenings, the day of Hula show arrived. She had to go to elementary school in the morning though it's Sat, she left school early so that she could make it just enough to join the photo shooting. She was co-operative, and totally motivated and excited about the show. Her hair, outfit, dresses already left at the stage, got on a taxi, then we got to the venue. They started circle time already, getting ready for lining up for the photo. Then drama happened.

I left her with the other girls and went look for her costume at back stage. They were moving around the stuff and I could not find it, had to search each room, then finally her stuff arrived. So I passed it to one of the teachers so that she could put it on to Ton.

I went back to the stage, then found Ton crying so hard, came over to me. She insisted on staying with me, not dancing. Uh-oh.

So, everybody, other teachers and instructors, even volunteers tried to sooth her, tell her to join them for the photo. No. DID NOT WORK. So she is not on the group photo.

Morning rehearsal was still going on, I just took her out and fed her with early lunch. Knowing my daughter, I did not say anything about the stage. She is so stubborn. She calmed down a little bit after eating. Then she insisted on going to a park. Well, it was quite far, so instead we went to look around the area. Kids found a Popsicle stand so I bought one each as a treat for the chocolate day.

It was almost the opening of 1pm after Ton finished her popsicle. So, I told her if she was not going to dance, then she herself had to explain that to the teacher, not from me, and took her to the back stage again. There she saw some friends in the same class, softened a little bit, then she saw the teacher but didn't say anything. I asked her if she was going to join the show then she said yes! YES! MY VICTORY!! Off course the teacher heard from someone that Ton was upset and she came over and gave her a big hug. I think it gave her a comfort, something different from what parents can give. So, I told her I would be watching her from the seat and left her at the backstage with everyone. Whew!

She danced her piece, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" just fine, and also the finale songs with all members. She was not shy at all, full of confidence. She even told me she had fun and loves hula. What was that crying??

Later that day, she told me what actually happened. When she arrived and joined everyone for the line up, one girl said something mean to her, and it hurt her feeling, demotivated her. Well, that happens quite often, not much I can do but hoping she will get over it by herself.

Anyhow, it ended nicely and we all enjoyed the kids hula. Mahalo!


Myron said…
Good mothering.

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