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Back To Work

The long Golden week holiday is over, and it's kind of hard to recall what was going on before hand at work. One of the seasonal terms these days is "Gogatsu-byo (May sickness)". It's slang for the symptoms a student has when they return to school: a sinking, helpless feeling. Since the Golden Week is so long these days, a new version of Gogatsu-byo has appeared, and is called (of course!) "Rokugatsu-byo" (June sickness). It refers to people have burned out and reach a stage of no stress and no tension after a long holiday.
I believe it's rare for LINC Media people to catch Rokugatsu-byo, because of the excitement of the job itself. But even so, if the type of person who finishes each day feeling really tired and drained, then maybe a break is in order, before you get the dreaded July sickness. Don't ask me what
the symptoms are...!


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