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White corn salsa

White corn salsa on salad White corn salsa with avocado & chips
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Big pool

Happy twins
Twins waiting...
Ice cream break Pina Colada ice cream Short video of Mo into the pool.


ハモの南蛮漬 marinated fried pike conger 鴨とナスのオランダ煮 duck and egg plants 鯛と椎茸の昆布締め Sea bream and Shiitake mushrooms marinated with sea kelp さんまの棒鮨 saury sushi さんまの棒鮨 saury sushi 鯛と椎茸の昆布締め、さんま棒鮨、鴨とナスのオランダ煮、ハモの南蛮漬。

Sea bream and Shiitake mushrooms marinated with sea kelp, saury sushi, duck and egg plants, marinated fried pike conger from Notoya in Ishikawa Pref. Yum!

Super sweet white corn from Hokkaido called “Snow Fairy”

I got to try corn salsa with it!「雪の妖精」と言う名の白いとうもろこし。とても甘くて瑞々しくて、生で頂くと最高!これでコーンサルサに挑戦しなきゃ。

Shaved ice break at coffee shop

Full moon over huge construction site.

This view will change in 6 months or so...

Ezo Brown Bear Ripe 'n' Dry Salt Ramen

With Mo

Buddha bowl at Dean&DeLuca

Buddha bowl at Dean&DeLuca. I need colorful food to charge up myself!

Oishii Ukiyo-e Exhibition

Decided to go check out this UKIYOE exhibition which is closing next week in Roppongi Hills, as I could book my ticket online for an hour later. The exhibits were quite volume which show UKIYOE with food from the Edo Era. Interestingly enough there is major food that we still eat to this day: soba, sushi, tempra, unagi (eel), etc.

Thinking soy sauce was the key ingredient of those days, and still is in the Tokyo area. Soba sauce is salty, omlett is very sweet which is a dessert. One of the explanations at the exhibition says children loved sushi, and they still do these days, and it must be the egg which is sweet. Looking at their dairy diet mostly vegetable, they must enjoyed tempura and eel a lot.

They had interviews of restaurants that serve those today. Kizushi in Ningyocho, Sohonke Sarashina Horii in Azabu Juban, Nodaiwa in Iikura, Tempra Kondo in Ginza. Wondering when I can visit Kizushi, and contemplating going to soba in Azabu Juban, I just had their special meal at the cafe nex…

Croissants fresh out of oven!

Naoya working

Family big pool time

Mo selfi with Tokyo Tower
Naoya & Mo Ton Masaki Papa A video here.

Papa drying Ton's hair