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Naoya after hospital visit

Naoya eating ice cream Naoya with Ampan man lunch
Dr. said he was getting better so stay on medication, and come back if he gets worse. Yay!
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Eating Masa's steam cake for snack

Naoya having a cupcake and a resin accessary Ton made Masaki

Masaki eating strawberry & vanilla ice cream

Clinic visit

Naoya using an inhaler  Masaki waiting Naoya with oxygen because his saturation was low

Lunch at The City Bakery

They love the corner table

Late lunch at usual Starbucks

Yellow flowers and yellow Naoya  Masaki likes cinnamon roll  Naoya tried cheese tart Masaki eating ham & cheese sandwich
Naoya started coughing bad last night, we cancelled going down to jiji & baba's for weekend. We stayed home the most of the day, though went out for a late lunch at Starbucks, and hit a small park for a bit. I hope he's not getting the latest virus... He had pneumonia once so I'm a bit worried...

Cooking French at home

French cooking recipe book by Kikuchi Chef  Ton cutting burdock  Pork, cabbage, and burdock stew  Chicken gratin
Bought this recipe book, and tried a couple of dishes from it. Ton helped cooking, too. Risa & Sara joined the dinner, though twins weren't so excited about the menu, and rather wanted to play.

Break at a coffee shop

Cherry blossom cup cake Double twins cup cake break

Twins' favorite toy at preschool

They can't leave...

Smirk, The Scream @Royal Norwegian Embassy

Sweet bean butter paste & Pistachio cream

粒あんバター Sweet bean butter paste  Pistachio cream How can it be bad!

Break at Bricolage Bread after school

Egg tart Ginger ale