Tuesday, October 15, 2002


I was in NY a couple of weeks ago to attend friend's wedding. During my stay, one of my friends took me to a steak house, and I saw the bartenders throw everything into one single garbage bin: glasses, glass and PET bottles, combustibles - literally anything. They told me that NY can't do recycling anymore due to the financial difficulties that the city has. I was very surprised. This kind of thinking is totally against the social responsibility trend all over the world.
Maybe no recycling will save some money and help overcome the $5BN deficit caused by the clean up of Ground Zero - where the World Trade Center used to be. However, I wonder what will happen to the homeless people who used to collect recyclable items as a living? Now, maybe it's because I heard the news, but nevertheless, I thought I saw more bums on the streets and subways of New York that I have done in the past.
NY is not a very clean city at the best of times, unfortunately. But to see trash cans in every corner of Manhattan is such a stark contrast to Tokyo and its trash bin-free subway stations, that I can't help wondering why it is that New Yorkers can't look after their habitat a bit better.