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Monday, July 29, 2013

20130728 Play date with Kaito and bag making

Boy busy playing with Kaito's carsAqua playAqua playAqua PlayAqua PlayAqua Play time video
Now we're back insideTrying the car shaped crayones Kaito's mom madeIt works!Let's try purple thenKaito cooking for TonEat fish, too.
Video of Kaito preparing a mealIroning TonPreparing for making a bagBoys with carsKaito has a quite collection of miniature carsCar carrier working
It's going under the chair... and make a turnMeanwhile, Ton's making a bag with Kaito's momTon sewing a bagBoys watching YouTubeMo singing along the video
Ton wanted to make a bag, and Mari, Kaito's mom offered a help as she used to make bags. So while the boys were having a play date, under supervision of uncle Newman, she made a bag with lots of help from Mari. It came out great. Kaito skipped his nap as he was too excited, kids had lots of fun! Thank you very much!

20130727 Brunch with AK

Aki with her plate of biscuits and gravyKids plates with baconI like bacon, too!Biscuits and gravy with egg and baconComplimentary ice cream from the house!I like ice cream!
Relaxing at usual StarbucksAnd a usual sugar doughnutAK trying not to be so shy for the photo

20130727 Brunch with AK, a set on Flickr.
Had brunch with Akii chan at White Smoke on Sat morning. Kids enjoyed the bacon, off course, and even had ice cream for dessert. Thank you Akii chan for hanging out with us.

My boy helping me with vacuuming

Nice work! Hope he keeps being helpful...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

20130726 Thunderbird exhibition at Miraikan

Watching 3D videoThe Tracy BrothersThunderbird 1 flying scene set upThunderbird 2 historyThe command centralThunderbird 3 & 5
Thunderbird 4 under waterThe show is startingSubway system on the command central islandThunderbird 1, 2, and 3 launching sitesWind-power generation systemThunderbird 3 launching site illuminates
Thunderbird 1 pilot seatGeo-Cosmos, the earth with over 1m pixel multiple organic EL panels, hanging from the ceilingMy boy and me chilaxing under Geo-CosmosHe's enjoying his game...Do you see "TOSHIBA" on the wall inside of the diorama?
Thunderbird 2 launch pad

Ton went to swimming class, Mo and I had a date on "Thunderbird" exhibition at Miraikan in Odaiba. The most of the visitors were boys, the seniors looked the most diligent, assuming they grew up with watching this show when they were kids. It was a small yet quite fun show.

Mo enjoyed the show there, which he joined 3 times. Here's a video.