Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

20130329 Cherry blossom falling

Making pink carpet of flower petalCherry blossom started fallingJust like snow but in pinkこれが本当の花吹雪

Beautifully falling cherry blossom here and there.

20130328 Dinner with Chie, Keiko, and Takako

With Takako, Keiko, and ChieWith Chie and TakakoMarinated Japanese needlefishFresh pasta with shellfishDessert!Desserts
Cheese!Cheese again!

Dinner with friends at TARANTELLA da luigi. Awesome food as usual and we enjoyed them all. Thank you very much for joining!

20130326 Park under sakura

This is a castle!Or a cageCherry blossom already started fallingGarigari kun break

20130326 Park under sakura, a set on Flickr.
Hit a little part along a river.

20130325 Play date with G&Y

Kids in a play roomGirls are getting ready for their flightLunch timeChicken and rice with tomato sauceBoys watching video

20130325 Play date with G&Y, a set on Flickr.
Play date at their home.

20130324 Alexander's 5th BD

Mo the pirateWaiting for the pirate appearanceJugglingMaking balloonsAlexander and his dad
Look for a magic chest!Key for the magic chestThe CakeMake a wish!Happy birthday, Alexander!She's got a purple sword
She eats only the cream....He's got a red swordCake!Cake timeThis is a music instrumentSound check do re mi
Birthday songChecking out a little garden of Capital Mark TowerGoing home

20130324 Alexander's 5th BD, a set on Flickr.
Alexander's birthday part at a party room of his apartment bldg in Shibaura.