Monday, April 30, 2018

Craft Sake Week at Roppongi Hills - last day

 魚介のガーリックバター焼き 、メルバトースト添え Garlic butter seafood and toast
 フジッリのラグーソース Fusilli ragù sauce
Grilled white asparagus
十四代酒粕入り、パンナコッタ Sake lees panna cotta

As babies fell asleep on the stroller, moms went to Roppongi Hills to check out the final day of sake event. It was packed. Lisa & Sara's mom went to get sake and food, she managed to get Juuyondai 十四代, which is really hard to get. And yes it's sooo good! And we enjoyed the food, too!

St. Alban's open school

 Mo having break
 Naoya playing house
 All boys in the house
 Masaki playing house
 Naoya and Masaki in the house
 The found water!
 Mo and a big cake
 Mo and a big cake
 Mo holding Tokyo Tower
A video of babies playing water here.

Chelsea invited us for a nursery at St. Alban's church where her younger son goes to, and we went to check out with Mo. It's close to Tokyo Tower, and we walked! We met Lisa & Sara there, too, and played at their play ground for an hour. Babies found water and off course they got soaking wet...;-). Mo helped us a lot and got tired after lunch, and he left for home by bus by himself. Thank you, Mo!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Snacking at Roppongi Hills

 Ton ate 5 plates of prosciutto & torta fritta
 Foie Gras paste
 French fries
Sake KitKat Ton won

Mo cleaning windows

He cleaned all the windows in bedroom!

A video here.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

1 year + 214 days old

 Naoya on robot

Masaki hates the robot 
 Babies busy walking up and down the stairs
 Lunch at TAC
Lisa & Sara at play area
Video of Naoya walking at robot park, babies eating french fries, and Naoya & Masaki playing at play area.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Ton having sleep over at home

 Kids making dinner

1 year + 213 days old

 Break at Starbucks
 Napping in green
 Green all around
A video of Masaki playing at baby area here.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Craft Sake Week at Roppongi Hills with Lisa & Sara

 UMESHU Kitkat
 UMESHU kitkat for sample before sale
 Sake Kitkat
 Today's line up
 Today's sake line up
Masaki playing at kids Room, Roppongi Hills
 しらすおろし Whitebait and graded daikon radish
 Kojirou's Fried Chicken 鼓次郎のから揚げ
 あさりのリゾット Clam risotto
 Lisa & Sara

 Masaki eating fried chicken
Video of Naoya steering wheel, Twins exploring Kids Room at Roppongi Hills, and Masaki steering wheel.

1 year + 212 days old

 Perfect day for Nola
 Naoya and Nola
 Funky carp streamers at Midtown
Masaki freed
 Sun, sky, green, and a building
Video of Naoya enjoying Nola, Naoya dropped his cup, Masaki checking on the stroller, Masaki and a ball, and Masaki enjoying a walk on grass.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Craft Sake Week at Roppongi Hills

 Mimurosugi みむろ杉 純米大吟醸
 Charcoal Grilled Foie Gras Cromesquis & Truffle 炭火焼きフランス産フォアグラのクロメスキー、トリュフの香り
 Brittany Lobster Ravioli & Bisque ブルターニュ産オマール海老のラビオリとビスク
 BON DABON Prosciutto & Torta Fritta BON DABONのペルシュウとトルタフリッタ
 Tortelli D'erbetta トルテッリ・デルベッタ
 Kojirou's Fried Chicken 鼓次郎のから揚げ
Food menu