Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Foie Gras

If you're vegetarian or pro-animal protection, please don't read this column, because I'm writing about foie gras.
As you may know, this French delicacy is the fattened liver of a duck or goose. The birds are force fed lots of corn to create the right effect. You may think this is cruel, BUT, it tastes so good!
Originally, people in Egypt started eating migrating geese that were wintering along the Nile river, on their way from Europe. Around 1 B.C., the Romans discovered that the liver of fat geese were delicious, and serving it with figs makes it taste better. This preparation secret was been kept by the Jewish people for a long time, because it was one of the few meats they could eat without conflicting their religion.
The ancient Romans used to worship a particular type of goose known as the "Roman Capitoline Goose." The bird got its name after the myth that goes something like this... While the Romans were fighting the Gauls in the Gaulish invasion attempt of Capitolino, a Gaulish sneak attack was forestalled thanks to a goose's honking after being startled by the approaching Gauls.
I rather admire the wisdom of the ancients to have discovered and developed such an awesome food. Certainly, I will be looking on delicious foie gras with even more reverence and worship! ;-)