Sunday, January 26, 2014

20140123 Dinner with ladies

ラタトゥイユとリエットの一口前菜雲丹のババロアとツブ貝のフィアンテーヌ季節野菜のエチュベスズキのソテー、ブイヤーベースソースThe ladies!Cheese, again!
フランス産鴨のローストTamako chan and Iローズマリーのアイスクリームとエピスとキャラメルのムース、焼きリンゴ付き

20140123 Dinner with ladies, a set on Flickr.
Girls night out dinner at a French restaurant called J. Thank you very much, Chie for arranging dinner!

Breakfast at City Bakery

 Girl with french toast, boy with chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.
 Pretzel croissant and coffee.
And breakfast combo: salad, bacon, egg, and minestrone. Great deal!


The boy finished a bowl of mussel all by himself!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Strawberry cake for breakfast

Strawberry cake for breakfast
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Thanks, Uncle Roger!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Curry dinner

Curry dinner
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Play date and dinner at G&Y's.

Strawberry cake from Uncle Roger

Strawberry cake from Uncle Roger
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Nice gift from Uncle Roger!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

20140117 Mochi pounding

ぺったん!Ready to pound...Again!Cheese!ShishimaiMother and daughter
Ton ready to poundぺったん!

20140117 Mochi pounding, a set on Flickr.
Helped mochi pounding at Nishimachi in Kimono. Ren showed up and did his part for a bit, and Ton came over after her school, meeting up with her friends there. It was a long day and we made lots of mochi!

20140111 Trip to Izumo by Sun Rise Izumo

"Express Sleeper Train Sun Rise departure 22:00"This is the train we are takingIt's coming soonHere it comes!Fast!Double decker train
A single roomA single twin roomBunk bedExciting!Pose!Snack time
With flashLooking outside on the bunk bedFound snowSnow ball fightUdon lunchNap time
Break while Mo was nappingZenzai (rice cake with sweet bean paste), and dried sea kelp and pickled plumHaving a cup of coffeeThe second gateToo bright!Fried chicken
Trip to Izumo and Sakai Minato started with sleeper train. Kids were too excited to go to sleep on the train. We stayed at hot spring called Tamatsukuri Onsen for one night, then flew back home the following day. It was cold and snowy though we had fun!