Thursday, September 22, 2005

White Band

You see many people wearing "White Band" these days. I think it's a good way to PR those younger generation thru fashion and celebrities posing wearing these, to make them aware that there are lots of people who can't even eat for days and die from starvation.

One day, I saw an elementary school student, probably at 3rd or 4th grade at a famous private school (I can tell from his uniform and hat which school he goes to), wearing one. That scene somehow made me puzzled. Does he really understand "poverty"? Did his parents give it to him to wear because everyone has it, or because it's the latest cool item he must wear to school to show to his friends?

"White Band" are made well to appeal, not just to public, but to well to do, too. But does it really contribute to donation to those starving people? Not in Japan somehow. The system of "White Band" is not structured to collect money for donation to help those people needs real attention. Don't you think it's ironic, that this item is wrapped in a very nice, ideal, and even full of humanity to be presented to the public, but the reality is, abusing the semi-donation system to make money. Those people who are dying from poverty are just chum. They're even more exploited without knowing by such crafty people.

If you really care about helping people, do not show it off, but take action. It might satisfy your own ego having such fashionable item like the famous stars have you see in commercials. Make donation through UNICEF and Red Cross. It's very simple, you don't even need to pose.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hybrid Cars

At what price people will stop driving cars? We discuss this
frequently because the price of gas goes up literally every
day. It's not hard to imagine that this situation is hurting
many businesses. Take taxis for example. New York's Taxi
and Limousine Association recently approved the use of hybrid
cars for taxis -- something they'd been resisting previously.
Cab drivers can now chose from 6 different kinds of vehicles,
including the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape. The Association
members number 12,760 taxi drivers.

The discussion on how to maintain a vehicle-oriented culture
without the gasoline costs has been going on for a while. A
survey conducted by CAST (Coalition Advocating for Smart
Transportation) in the US shows that 7 out of 10 people are
in favor of shifting taxis to low exhaust emission systems
and fuels, such as the Prius and Honda Civic.

I bet the Detroit-based Big 3 will not be happy about this
change, as they are likely to lose a bigger share of the
market than they already have. But observers are saying that
they have to catch up if they intend to survive. It's been
said that the oil is not inexhaustible and we have all
known what was in store, although most likely many of us
thought it wouldn't happen in our lifetimes.

Moving to hybrid taxes will be a small but visible step to
cutting the use of oil products, hence it will also cut
exhaust emissions and thus slow down global warming. I hope
more people chose of their own free will, if not because of
their pocket books, to become more environmentally aware in
their choice of lifestyle.