Friday, November 30, 2018

Dinner date at Kamatsuda, Azabu Juban

Tried this new place that I wanted to go for about an year. They had a credit card company's coupon dinner course, so we made it a date. They use seafood mainly from Noto island in Ishikawa Pref., and made them into French dishes. Not too heavy for us which was perfect.

Photos here.

Rolly slide at robot park after school

Video of Masaki and Naoya going down the rolly slide here, and Naoya on a rolly slide here.

Naoya loved the rolly slide now and won't stop! They both kept going down so many times.


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cleaning nose with tubes

 Masaki cleaning big bro's nose
 Naoya cleaning Masaki's nose
 Masaki cleaning Naoya's nose

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Small park after school

 "I see you"
Naoya with big bro's headphone

Chestnut pie, the last serving of season

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sliding fun at park

Went to robot park after school. Twins enjoyed slides so much, and they can go down the rolly one by themselves now. Too much fun they didn't want to leave, but I had to take them out away because bigger kids started showing up, riding bicycles and kick scooters, which were not very safe for my twins. Then we went to Starbucks to pick up waffles for their snack, and went back home.

Today Masaki said a sentence: "It's sunny"

Videos of Naoya sliding down a yellow slide, Masaki sliding down an orange slide, Masaki sliding down a red tube, Masaki sliding down a rolly slide, Naoya sliding down a rolly slide, and Masaki coming down the rolly slide.

Lunch at Sao Dou Hua

Went to Shinjuku to try this restaurant called 騒豆花 Sao Dou Hua  which serves 豆花 Dou Hua, a Taiwaneese sweet tofu. I had noodle for lunch and dou hua with  purple yam and sweet potato mochi, peanuts, and sweet beans on top. It was pretty good!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Playing at Arisugawa park after school

 Masaki riding a car
 Masaki rinding a horse
Naoya riding a giraffe

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Babies bandled up in blankets

Babies and Ton in usual place

Saturday, November 24, 2018

A day at jiji & baba's

 Masaki loved mushroom soup

 Young shoppers driving the special carts
 Naoya playing a game with Ton
 Naoya checking out games
 Naoya checking out games
 Naoya and apple juice
 Masaki and apple juice
 Naoya liked Pao de Queijo
 Masaki liked old fashion
Mt. Tsukuba and 2 old style sailboats (帆掛け船)
Babies got board at home, we asked jiji to drive us to this cheap kids clothing shop called Nishimatsuya. I bought lots of winter clothes for twins, and Ton bought some for herself with her own money! Twins got board so jiji had to take them out and seat them in the car. 

Then we went to kids' favorite restaurant Saizeria for lunch, babies were too hungry they couldn't stop crying. Masaki loved mushroom soup, Naoya still crying not eating much but slowly started with his pizza after good 30 min cry. Oh well. Did some shopping for Mo's shoes, and Ton and Mo wanted to play at arcade. So we all went, babies loved freely walking around between games. 

Left both older children there, I took babies and jiji to have a break at a doughnut shop. Both Naoya and Masaki apparently was hungry they ate a couple of doughnut each. 

Then Ton and Mo wanted to go to hotspring, we went back home, packed change of clothes and towels, hit to road again. Babies were scared as it was their first time, and they didn't knwo what was going on, cried and refused to take off their clothes. I ended up taking both babies, but with Ton's help, they found the hot tubs were very nice. We could see setting sun and Mt. Fuji silhouette from the tub. They loved it so much they didn't want to leave and had to fight again... 

Outside, there was a quick bite restarutant that we could hang out and we had an easy dinner there. Babies were too busy to eat, and they fell asleep on the car ride back home. Oh long day...!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Talking a walk with jiji

 Masaki and henbit

And Ton proudly announcing she loves MOCHI
3 days weekend and papa was away, so we decided to go to jiji & baba's. With everybody's help, we managed to get there by highway bus with twins! And baba made mochi for Ton as per her request. Since then she kept eating mochi everyday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Pistachio sauce and pappardelle for dinner

Cardamon chicken by Ton

Been looking for this pistachio pasta sauce at Dean & Deluca and I had to try with their fresh past. Off course they're delicious! And Ton cooked her favorite cardamon chicken. She's getting better and better!

Naoya playing a toy piano

NY pizza lunch @Slice 2

Found the second Pizza Slice stand in Omotesando. Off course I couldn't walk away but stop over and have a slice! Happy!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

A moment on a bench at park

They're going back to school from tomorrow!! Oh we survived this week without preschool!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Started the day at Arisugawa Park with twins

 Checking a hut at sand box
 Naoya is a bit scared
 Masaki is excited
 Water break? No they're blowing the straw and making bubbles

 Purple sweetpotato escargot and sweet potato croquant
 Salmon, salmon roe, beets, and cabbage open sandwich
 Twins checking chairs
 Naoya looking into water, Masaki about to fall
 Naoya trying on a glass chair
 Twins checking a big glass art
 Naoya looking into the glass art
Masaki on the glass chair

Video of twins playing on an art on the street, twins walking down the stairs, and twins walking down the stairs for the 5th time.

So we started from Arisugawa Park, slides, swings, sand box, and moved to bricolage bread for an early lunch.  Babies ate purple sweet potato in a minute, enjoyed the nice weather at the balcony, half asleep. Then they wanted to walk some more, we walked at Roppongi Hills, checking out arts on the street. They liked walking down the staircase so much they kept going back for 6 or 7 times.