Monday, February 17, 2003


Did you hear the news that the NY Federal court dismissed the liability claim of obesity and overeating against McDonald's?
The plaintiffs were a couple of teenagers who claim they gained weight and damaged their health by eating McDonald's products several times a week. Their claim is that the products are dangerous because they are addictive...
The Judge, Robert Sweet (great name!) said, "It is not the place of the law to protect them from their own excesses." then "Nobody is forced to eat at McDonald's. (Except, perhaps, parents of small children who desire McDonald's food, toy promotions or playgrounds, and demand their parents' accompaniment.)"
I just thought, what would this plaintiff's lawyer get by defending these teenagers? Did the idea come from their parents or from watching Judge Judy on TV (while scarfing down Mickey D burgers?)? Either way, the plaintiffs clearly miscalculated the stupidity of the legal system - turns out it isn’t so stupid afterall.
After reading this article, I imagined my mother in law waiting in line, ordering the kids meal at Burger King so as to get the all 4 Simpson's talking watches that come with the meal, as a Christmas gift. I'm sure they were not forced to be there, but rather went their of their own free will.

Amazingly, the plaintiff’s lawyer says he will file amended suits!