Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sushi Yohei

Went to Nishi Ojima with Jen and Renfield to check out the sushi place that I've been wanting to go to. It serves Edomae Sushi, but nothing is raw.

The meal started with entree: Zuke Maguro (marinade tuna), abalone and its liver, pate of horse mackerel and liver of sole fish, squid, and shrimp head. Pate was awesome. You might can't imagine the combination of head meat of horse mackerel and liver or sole fish, boiled with water and garlic to mix together, then cooled to be a pate. Too bad I couldn't drink, it was a perfect accompaniment for sake!

After wooing-ahhing of entree, the master started making sushi. Zuke Maguro (marinade tuna), marbled sole marinade in sweet vinegar, marbled sole marinade in sesame oil and soy sauce, with a spice of mater's bad jokes here and there, red squid, marinade and lightly grilled horse mackerel, squid lightly cooked in soy sauce, giant clam, shrimp, Sayori (Japanese needlefish) marinade in sweet vinegar with sweet shrimp crumb underneath (awesome!), lightly grilled Ayu (sweet fish), by now Jen's mind is swept by the delicacy of sushi, forgot a few shots of sushi photos, red squid with sweet soy sauce on top, marinade and lightly grilled sardine, clam cooked in sweet soy sauce, conger eel with sweet soy sauce on top (melts in your mouth!), and fried egg with grated scallop eyes mixed. We were stuffed!

The distinction of his sushi is that each peace is designed to be completed. The blend of neta (fish on top of rice) and rice perfectly matches to make one. Ordinary sushi is rather easy to imagine its taste: it's a fish on top of rice. As long as the fish is good, it should taste good. So, some people might be disappointed by the difference of his sushi and regular sushi that we believe what it is.

It wasn't a happy night despite of the wonderful meat we had; Renfield got sick on the way back....

Sunday, June 18, 2006


RED BULL MINI, originally uploaded by piroko_kuroda.
Shopping with Jen, saw 6 of these Red Bull Mini cars in Omotesando.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Went out with Jen for dinner at Komugi, a Okonomi yaki restaurant in the neighborhood. Filled ourselves with Okonomiyaki and Monja. Although she had a small blood blister on her toe, she was happy with her Yuzu Sour Shochu.