Saturday, December 31, 2016

86 days old

 Naoya in samurai print clothe mama made
 Masaki in bird print clothe mama made
 Naoya had pretty bad rush on his butt, which might be a reason why he was grumpy, not being able to sleep easily. I held him the most of time I stayed at the hospital. It was quiet as the care unit was having less and less babies. It's the end of year & new year but their schedule won't change!

Friday, December 30, 2016

85 days old

 Naoya in green clothe mama made
 Mo feeding Masaki
 Mo feeding Masaki, Ton holding Naoya

 Mo holding Naoya
 Mo cuddling Naoya
 Ton feeding Masaki
Milk drunk Masaki in rabbit clothe mama made
Family visit today. Both Ton and Mo were excited to hold babies, and they were pretty good at it.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

84 days old

 Masaki in body suit
 Naoya in body suit
 Hungry Naoya
 Twins in body suit
 40 weeks mark today, a due date, which means their another birthday! Corrine came over to see babies over window this morning. Both of their breathing was again unstable so we bottle fed them. I put them on the body suit Kevin Beck got us after bathing.  Thank you Uncle Beck! Nurses loved them by the way.

Sleep over

 Emi, Maiya and Koji had sleep over at ours last night. They stayed in futon the next morning, gathered up to watch iPad... Modern kids.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Carrot soup dinner with Arriolas

Made big pot of carrot soup which recipe from Barbara mama via Chris. Yum!

83 days old

 Masaki trying on Corrine's knit cap
 Masaki with Corrine's knit cap
 Papa feeding Masaki
 Naoya with Corrine's knit cap
 Papa feeding Naoya
 Masaki with Corrine's knit cap
 Naoya holding papa's fingers
 Naoya sleeping finally
Masaki sleeping
  Eye check up today. Papa attended and Dr. said it was settling down. Good. Papa fed both babies with bottles as they were tired from the check up. Naoya didn't fall asleep at all after the feeding, I tried breast feeding him to calm down, not quite worked but he finally fell asleep after the second bottle feeding. Dr. had ear check up on both while they were sleeping. She said nothing was wrong with their hearing, which is another good news.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

82 days old

 Quiet time
 Naoya sleeping
Masaki sleeping
Both babies tried breast feeding and they're getting better. I could bath them both today! Progress little by little.

Monday, December 26, 2016

81 days old

 Masaki watching Naoya
 Happy twins
 Naoya sleeping
 Masaki sleeping
Naoya sleeping
Naoya fell asleep again on breast feeding training and breathing wasn't good so I gave up the training. Masaki did good job though he fell asleep, too, and I stopped feeding him for about 10 min. They finished bottles fine though. I could bath Naoya today but couldn't with Masaki so I asked nurse to bath him. Will try again tomorrow!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Family Christmas Chinese dinner

Duo playing

Koji & Mo getting along wonderfully.

80 days old

 Masaki sleeping
 Naoya sleeping
 Naoya sleeping in a hot tub
 Sleeping Naoya
Half eye opened Masaki sleeping
When I came in first, Naoya was really hungry so I tried feeding him with breast directly. He fell asleep in a few minutes, though he kind of kept going, and nurse fed him with bottle afterword. Then Masaki started crying hard, I tried breast feeding him, too, though he fell asleep, too, immediately. Then he didn't wake up at all, so I gave up and fed him with bottle. Long way ahead but I'm not worried. Then I bathed both of them, whom fell asleep in a hot tub. How come you guys are so tired? Why don't you sleep after the feeding, not during the feeding...?