Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Annual health check

So, some health check results.
Bad numbers: ALT(GPT) was 55, which the average should be a range between 5 to 45, total bilirubin 1.6 which should be between 0.3 to 1.2. And my thyroid is bigger than average so I should go for detailed check up on this organ. I know ALT (alanine aminotransferase) was effected by taking lots of protein. And thyroid? Well, I have no idea but I guess I have to go back after the diet for more check ups....

My stomach was totally empty and even barium filling it up felt kind a nice, though it made me a little sick later. So, after a semi astronaut‘s training of rolling around on a rotating board for stomach check up, I took laxative and lots of water, hoping it would wash it down.

And my height increased about 1 cm, which I guess because of the good posture. Weight was also plus about a couple of kgs which wasn't a good news....

Waiting for the party to start

Waiting for the party to start
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Papa made this for me

Papa made this for me
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Monday, October 29, 2012

20121027 Lunch with Kaito and Azabu Juban Hallloween

Lunch with Kaito and his familyHe loves french fries just like any other kidsBanana & Bacon Pancake for TonTon typing love letter on iPad while Kaito tasting ketchapMo's french fries right after his napKids
Kimono girl and spider manNanan Jazz Club playing for Halloween in Azabu JubanCaramel popcorn on a street

Lunch with Kaito followed by Azabu Juban Halloween stamp rally. Lots of candies and Papa had fun the most.

20121024 Dinner with Chie

Lounging at Mercedes Connection after lunchPicture time at MidtownOkonomiyaki with ChieTeppanyaki foodOkonomiyaki and YakisobaSprinkle
20121024 Dinner with Chie, a set on Flickr.
Okonomiyaki dinner with Chie, Myron and Anna.

20121023 Kidzania Otomodachi Night

Free invitation through Nishimachi for Kidzania special Otomodachi Night. Mo was old enough to participate the activities and they all had fun!

20121026 Halloween Party at Kaito's apartment bldg

R2-D2 Kaito outfit made by his momMo napping on the roof top of Akasaka Tameike TowerKaito and his daddyPrincessesFood prepared by the apartment

Following to the school's Halloween Party, we joined Kaito's apartment's party in the evening.