Thursday, November 28, 2013

20131123 Meeting with Emiko

Boom Boom!Helicopter going up and downEmiko!Driving a car...Coin gameCheese!
Cheese again!Maybe the last one....?Emiko's daddy showing her her favorite Ampan Man.

20131123 Meeting with Emiko, a set on Flickr.
Emiko came to Japan with her parents, and we all went to a kids' play area on the roof of Keio department store. Happy birthday to her first birthday!

20131122 Kobe

Weathercock House 風見鶏の館Beautiful color at Kitano TenmanguCherry tree at Kitano TenmanguA cute cow statueKitano TenmanguA view of Weathercock House from Kitano Tenmangu
Weathercock and Kobe Port Tower in the far backWeathercock in shadeKobe Port Tower, 50 years old this year.Weathercock House explanation 風見鶏の館の解説Study 書斎Fireplace
応接間Drawing roomReception room explanation 応接間の解説Living room explanationChristmas tree in the living roomDining room explanation
Explanation of fridge made with wood and food elevatorFridge made with wood and food elevator 冷蔵庫件エレベーターDoor handle with styleAutumn color treeDining tableGuest room
20131122 Kobe, a set on Flickr.
A quick trip to Kobe after a conference with 2 nights stay at a hotel for business. Beautiful city with lots of Western style old buildings.