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20130420 Mo's art and projects from AIS

Connect matching itemsApril calendarShort itemsLong itemsPet bottle cap caterpillarMy favorite insect
My favorite animalsDrowing lines practiceDrowing lines practiceSushiColoring PumaThe rainy season coming
WeatherBirthday Hat"My Manner Cards""Please""I'm sorry""No, thank you"
"You're Welcome""Thank You"Where these animals liveWord scrambleConnect matching itemsCherry Blossom
Photos of the arts and drawings Mo made at school from April to June.

T-shirts from B baba!

T-shirts from B baba!
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Ton's Hula show for Masa's birthday

Ton started dancing hula. First she was shy but then she started recalling the move and once put on the costume, she was enjoying it. 

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
"Pearly Shells"

Because of the camera, these were recorded side ways.... oops....

20130623 Happy Birthday Masa

Mo putting whipped cream on a cakeTon and Masa putting whipped cream on a cakeDecorating with marshmallowsAnd some into your mouth...Put some more chocolate decorationDinner
Dessert timeLit up candlesMake a wish!Which piece do you want?Eating Chocolate decoration first since these were in wayHappy girl
Happy Mo...?Yes, happy MoMarshmallow!

20130623 Happy Birthday Masa, a set on Flickr.
Masa came over and we made (decorated) a cake for her birthday. Kids had fun, and they enjoyed marshmallows and whipped cream after dinner. Ton even showed Masa her Hula dance. It was a fun evening.

Kids dancing with "Sing Sing Sing"

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I made this

I made this
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Boy figured out and built this air mobile all by himself, using random lego blocks. I don't know how he does that.

Ice cream break

Ice cream break
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For Sale

One day we received a letter says "No parking other than designated bicycles at bicycle parking lot" in our apartment. Oops. They found us. We had a tricycle and a kid's bicycle with supporting wheels parked on the corner, not on the bicycle stands which we already use up with our daughter's regular bicycle. Well, we have to figure out what to do with those extra two rides. Since my kids can ride bicycles without supporting wheels, no point of keeping them here. So, decided to sell them. We've used Yahoo auction to sell some of our stuff before but such rides are hard to package and ship, so decided to put an add at supermarkets - Nisshin and National Azabu. I found out it was free to post such ads as long as you ask them to stamp on the poster. So, I made a simple flayer with photos of those rides and took them to those supermarkets on Fri afternoon, hoping someone will be coming for weekend shopping and check out.
No calls on the weekend.
Mon morning around 11, I got a first call, asking for the tricycle. Yes! They happen to live in the neighborhood, so they drove by, checked out the size and condition, and took it with JPY500! One more to go.
Wondering what to do with the kid's bicycle if no one would take it, I got another call, asking for it. The guy says he's also in the neighborhood, coming by after work. Yeah! In early evening, he drove by with his scooter, and put the bicycle on it and left!

I honestly didn't count on such a quick sale. Maybe a beginner's luck?

Boy and peanut butter

One day when we were at groceries shopping, my son requested peanut butter, said he liked it. Well, I had never fed him with it so he must had learnt it from somebody or somewhere else. Anyhow, he was begging me and was not allergic to it, we bought a chunky one as per his request.
At home he tried it on a bread, ate a few bites, and that was it. He was not crazy about it. The following day, he insisted on having a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Had a couple of bits, then he picked only the sliced bananas and left the peanut butter and bread.
It didn't seem to me he liked the peanut butter at all.

And the following day, he spread peanut butter on a piece of bread by himself, had a bite, and that was it. He closed the top of the peanut butter bin, and gave a big kiss, saying "I love you so much, peanut butter." It was like a scene with a boy who was talking to his girlfriend, with passion, saying I love you. It was so funny I can't simply put in writing.

Anyhow, he seems like in love with peanut butter, at least, for now.

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