Tuesday, April 30, 2013


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Photos by photographers at Kidzania

Photographers randomly come by and take photos of kids at Kidzania. Before they close, they start displaying those photos and magically cash registers appear among the set ups. Off course I couldn't ignore the photos of my kids, just like the other parents/grandparents, I paid for these photos.

20130429 Lalaport Toyosu

Coming back to the stationMini SL train at a garden of Lalaport ToyosuOff couser they chose green trainWaiting for everyone to get on boardChoo choo!Pose!
Paddle boatA bit windy but they're paddling pretty goodPretzel breakYum yum

20130429 Lalaport Toyosu , a set on Flickr.
After Kidzania, found a festivity things going on in the outside at Lalaport Toyosu and we checked out a couple of rides in the wonderful weather. Then had a break before going back to home.

20130429 Kidzania

Opening bank account for MoCorporate characters appearanceCorporate character greeting TonPose!Pose at Car Life Support CenterListning to the instruction of work
Checking under the hoodChecking on tireFixing tireLoosening the tireTaking off the tirePutting a new tire
Tightening a boltFruit juice and fried chicken breakSame hereListning to an instruction how to work at a mobile phone shopChecking Kidzania moneyWaiting for the bus to start
On a move!Customers!Waiting for bakery to openUniform readyHands are cleanListening to how breads are made of
20130429 Kidzania, a set on Flickr.
Long awaited Kidzania visit during Goldenweek. Both Ton and Mo enjoyed it very much and it was great to see them doing everything by themselves. Also the facility is awesome and the staff are all making effort treating the kids very calm and equally as persons...!

Sick boy eating doughnut

Sick boy eating doughnut
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Has slight fever and cough and had a sick day off today.

Monday, April 29, 2013

20130428 Bicycle practice at Yoyogi park

On his 3rd try he already riding by himselfMade cup cakes with microwaveAlready out of the training courseOn his second rideLunch timePicknick at park
Paper plane in the skyOld man showing how to fly paper planeGot a pinwheel and a paper plane made by the old manWith a random BGMSpeeding upAnd fell asleep on the train back home
Went to Yoyogi park cycling center for bicycle practice for Mo. He mastered it in about 15 min, after 3 runs at training course. Had lunch break, and kakigori (shaved ice) in between, they had total 3 runs all day. At the end Mo completely mastered bicycle...! Amazing what 3 years old can do.