Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy birthday Kaoru!

Kaoru, one of his class mates from pre school and kindergarten, was having a birthday party. Kids played crazy, moms enjoyed good food and conversation. Happy birthday, Kaoru!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Brunch with Kevin Beck in Roppongi

Tokyo gang got together for brunch as Mr. Beck was in town for business trip. Fun time!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Curry Party at Kindergarten

Curry party at my son's kindergarten yesterday, which I was in charge of. Cooked 3 big pots of curry for about 130 people. Everything went smooth, no big troubles, on time, as scheduled, just like magic! Wonderful job, ladies! You helped me immensely as team!!

And one point I was supposed to cut vegetables with Mo, but he was with 2 junior high students (girls) who were there for volunteer, and getting attention, so I just let him be with them...

Photos here.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 18 in NY - Cruise on a boat

Our flight was in later afternoon, and we had morning for the last touristy stuff in NY with Chris. We took ride of cruise ferry to go down and up Hudson & East rivers. Kids loved the view of Statue of Liberty.

After the ride, we went to Gotham Market West for lunch. Kids found ramen and they wanted it so bad we had to get a couple for them. Well, I'd rather wait for my flight back to Tokyo for decent ramen...

Photos here.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Looking up Roosevelt Island Tramway from Cheapy's apartment

I definitely prefer looking up rather than looking down from gondola. 

Shmackary's in Hell's Kitchen

Very tempted to go but didn't have chance...!

Day 17 in NY - Intrepid and dinner at Cheapy's

Went to Intrepid with Cheapy and Tai. Kids were very excited to see with Tai again. Mo was thrilled to see real Concorde, and he was all prepared with camouflage T-shirt and pants. Then we walked to 5 Napkin Burger for lunch, then went to Cheapy's apartment in Upper East. Kids loved playing Minecraft altogether on TV, made a huge mess of toys, etc. while Mrs. Cheapy cooked awesome Japanese dinner. Thank you, Shima chan! 

Before heading back to hotel, Cheapy took us to 16 Handles for frozen yogurt, where kids hung out after school.

Great seeing you guys, and will see you again in Tokyo!

Photos here.

A short video of Mo playing a car.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 16 in NY - Dinner at Katz's Deli

Went to Katz's Deli for Jewish food dinner. It was packed, chaotic, and, off course, loud. Apparently you had to keep a ticket with you until you pay check and leave.... So, kids had modern American food, and I had my salad, while the other family members were enjoying each of their favorite dish. Kids loved corned beef there.

Photos here.

Two Boots!

Left kids at Emily's, we went to Two Boots in East Village with Christ. Oh we missed you so much!

Draft Latte at La Colombe, NoHo

Always crowded cafe a block away from Emily's. Emily and I went to check out after the Blue Man show. Oh my, this is so good almost addictive! And the latte was poured from a tap, just like beer. Yummy!

Day 16 in NY - Blue Man Show

Blue Man Group on Astor Place, which is 2 blocks from Emily's. Kids had watched Blue Man on TV before so they knew what to expect, but the real show was much more fun! I liked those guys playing music above the stage with fluorescent make ups and costumes. They looked totally regular people after the stage under light.

Photos here.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 15 in NY - Gyoza Party

Friends and families get together in NY over Gyoza, the usual party food for Kuroda household. Wonderful meeting up with everybody, introducing everybody, sharing the cooking experience, kids playing together, etc. until late at night. Thank you friends joining us, and Emily & Dolph to let us have party at their place!

Photos here.

Boy having NY pizza

Getting ready for the part later in the evening.

Day 15 in NY - Central Park

Walked to Central Park in the morning, and took horse carriage ride as kids requested. After saying good bye to the horse, went to a tiny amusement park we saw from the carriage called Victorian Garden. Mo was happy climbing up and down the big stones at park. After playing there for a couple hours, we went to the old carousel to finish up our time at the park.

Photos here.

Some videos:
Hydro Racer at Victorian Gardens
Hydro Racer at Victorian Gardens
Ton playing Whack A Mole

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunrise Mart and Panya shopping

Nostalgic place called Sunrise Mart on Stuyvesant, and Panya on 1F. Melon pan and curry pan just see how these were. Not bad!

White Chocolate & Chocolate Chip Cookies kids baked with Chris

While we were out with Guzofskies for dinner, kids baked cookies with Chris. Hope we can have some left overs for tomorrow...

Day 14 in NY - Dinner with Guzofskies at Ponty

No kids dinner with Guzofskies at Ponty Bistro in Gramercy. Food awesome, had to document them, and totally forgot about taking Lee & Charity's photos...

Photos here.

Day 14 in NY - NY Hall of Science

Went to Hall of Science in Queens with Cheapy and Tai. Kids were super excited to see Tai again and never stopped talking/moving around. It was full of touch and feel kind of museum for kids, and they enjoyed it even though they had no idea...

Photos here.

Papa cycling to rotate propeller
Mo's short dance
Speed race
Surfing machine
Ferrofluid test

At Connected Worlds at Great Hall:
Planting seed
Seed didn't grow well...
Mo interacting with virtual creatures

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 13 in NY - Lion King

Lion King matinée on Broadway with kids. Colorful stage with amazing animals and costumes, kids didn't get board at all! The place was full of kids actually.

After the show, Emily's cousin, Peggy's friend Paul who was a head of orchestra gave us a back stage tour! There we met kids who played young Shimba & Nala, L. Steven Taylor as Mufasa, and Fred Berman as Timon! It was very exciting to see the real costumes and tools and how it works, on stage!

Photos here.

Lunch at Shake Shack at Upper West

Very crowded with families. Not bad...!

Day 13 in NY - American Museum of Natural History

Christ came over for breakfast with gifts to kids. They played with those toys for a bit, then we went to American Museum of Natural History. The most of the exhibits were very classy, old school, kids weren't interested at all...

Photos here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My son cuts pasta with a knife

My son’s being very American moment...

Day 12 in NY - Visiting Miduki in Princeton

Ton's classmate Miduki moved to Princeton with her family due to her father's new job. So, we took train to visit them. Had a little hard time getting a taxi from the station there, but we managed. Kids had fun! Hope to see you again Miduki chan!

Photos here.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 11 in NY - Dinner at Emily's

Met Pat & Bill again back at Emily's for dinner after The High Line. It was their anniversary for how many years? of marriage. And I totally forgot about taking their photos but food.

Photos here.

Day 11 in NY - High Line

After saying good by to senior people, we headed to The High Line. They made good job turning the old train tracks into garden/art tourist attractions.

A video:
Mo switching the light

Photos here.

Day 11 in NY - Lunch with Pat & Bill

Pat and Bill drove up in the morning, and we met for lunch at Lobster Place, Chelsea Market. It was very crowded with tourists...!

Photos here.

Boy is very excited at Hot Wheels section

Run away from heat at Burns & Nobles. He found toy section and was very excited.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 10 in NY - Staying at Stubbs' with Guzofskies Day 2

Fun time passed by quickly, we had to leave! Kids enjoyed the stay and playing with Guzofskie boys very much.

Photos here.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 9 in NY - Staying at Stubbs' with Guzofskies Day 1

Took train to Bridgewood to visit Charity's parents.

Photos here.

Day 9 in NY - Breakfast at The City Bakery and Union Square

Went to The City Bakery for weekend brunch. Their French Toast was great! Ton loved their bacon, and Mo loved their fresh orange juice.

Photos here.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Book time before bed

Welcome back, kids.

Catered BBQ from Mighty Quinn's in East Village

Kids are back, and we spent relaxing afternoon at Emily's. Catered BBQ from the neighborhood for dinner.

Day 8 in NY - Me time in Upper West

While papa went to pick up kids at airport, I had my own time wondering around Upper West. First I had to go get a cheap, junk food, hot dog. So, hit Gray's Papaya. Walked around, checked out shops which weren't so crowded with tourists, passed by Zaber's, thinking it's like one of those super market filled with senior people, bought a couple of pairs of shoes at DWS, then ended at 5 Napkin Burger for lunch. Did I eat too much? No, I don't think so.

Photos here.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 7 in NY - Galactic in Brooklyn

Lee invited us to go to Galactic live in Brooklyn Bowl. We met them at Old Town Bar (aka Lee's office) first. We headed out early to have dinner before the show. It was great live!

Photos here.

Day 7 in NY - East Village with Emily&Dolph

A few places I wanted to check out in East Village, so went to Emily and Dolph's first then looked for Luke's Lobster. It was simple, yet very delicious! The one at Plaza Hall was always crowded the one in East Village was not so crowded. Maybe it was off peak, though.

Then we looked for Big Gay Ice Cream.  Very unique selections of ice creams, and it was not crowded, but when we walked by on weekend, it was packed.

E&D didn't know these places; now they know at least 2 delicious places in their neighborhood.

Photos here.

With Xtian on High Line

Met up with Xtian who papa used to work with in SF. Nice office!

YuBe Cream, my household cream sold at Anthropologie

Beautiful cakes at Empire Cake

Day 7 in NY - Breakfast at The City Bakery

Our favorite The City Bakery is from NY, and we had to check it out while our stay. We dropped our laundry at Emily's first, then took Dolph with us there. We walked through Washington Square, and it was a pretty good walk.

It was more chaotic, compare to the one in Tokyo, and the most of the breads are the same, plus some buffet items. We'll come back with kids for weekend brunch. 

Photos here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 6 in NY - Oli's 411 premiere party at Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn

Went to check out Oli's short movie in Brooklyn. It was an awesome movie!

My foodie husband, taking photo of street food

Day 6 in NY - Hanging out with Lee

Started a day of breakfast with Lee at Little Poland. Then went to his apartment to check out renovated rooftop of Lee's apartment.

Photos here.

Hello Gramercy

Manhattan view roof deck at Lee's.

Irving Farm in Gramercy

Maple syrup nuggets

Purchase at Union Square Green Market. Yummy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 4 in NY - Visiting Uncle Mike in Long Island

Took NJ Transit to Babylon to visit Uncle Mike et al. Kids had fun with heated pool, meeting with papa's cousins' children, BBQ by Uncle Mike. It was great catching up with them all after 15 years since we had met last time...!

Photos here.

Mo going down the water slide

Uncle Mike going down the water slide

Myron going down the water slide

Day 4 in NY - Bagel with cream cheese & lax

 Because I'm in NY.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Day 3 in NY - Lunch with Emily

Left sleeping Mo at Emily's with Dolph, we went to Pinche Taqueria on Lafayette St for late lunch. I was happy with my tamales!

Photos here.

Day 3 in NY - Breakfast with Leon and his parents

Met with Leon and his parents at a hotel near Battery Park, then went to a diner for breakfast. Kids shared Lumber Jack between 3 of them. Then we played a little around the park, watching the ferry goes to Statue of Liberty, checked out renovated pier, etc.

Photos here.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Day 2 in NY - Dinner at Emily&Dolph's

Went to Emily's for relaxed catered Chinese dinner. 

Photos here.

Day 2 in NY - Lunch date with Leon and his parents at Central Park

Met up with Leon, a friend from preschool, was also visiting NYC, and we met for lunch. We bought some food at The Plaza Food Hall, and went over to Central Park. Mo crushed right before seeing them, we had to let him sleep on a bench.

Photos here.

Day 2 in NY - Breakfast and Lego Store

Breakfast at buffet at hotel, then walked around to Rockefeller Center. Checked out Lego Store, etc. Mo was very sad he could not buy any of those Lego.

Photos here.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Day 1 in NY - Dinner with Emily&Dolph first night in NY

Landed JFK safe, only 30 min delay after 12.5 hours flight. Kids managed to sleep a few hours on the flight after watching several movies and videos, with occasional iPad viewings.

Checked in Hilton in Midtown, then Emily and Dolph came over. As kids insisted on having pizza, we went to an Italian restaurant a few blocks away from the hotel. They were very hungry and ate some Emily's pasta, and finished pizza. 

Photos here.

Eva Air Hello Kitty airplane

Lunch before limousine bus to airport

The usual lunch at Aux Bacchanales at Ark Hills.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

A gift from Layla he built by himself

He built it in about 1 hour, all by himself...

Choco chip mint ice cream sunday

KidZania with Layla

Layla was in Tokyo with her mom so we went to KidZania with her. It was her first time, and Ton was assisting her the entire time. Mo on the other hand was having fun cruising around all by himself, worked until the very last minute of the opening hour.

Photos here.

Videos here:
Mo driving a car 1
Mo driving a car 2
Mo driving a car 3