Monday, April 30, 2012


Sink.Tatami room.Ocean view.Beds.And a table set and me on mirror.Ocean view from bath in the room.
Kids play room with ocean view.Having so much fun!Watching a boat.Where is she?Book and cafe area.Pose!
Huge basket hanging from the ceiling.Stairs to the lobby.Going up to the lobby.Tuna!No paparazzi!Cake making class.
Put whipped cream first....Mo watching his big sister.And pose!Put some kiwi jam....Put some marshmallow...Sprinkle....
April 29, 2012 one night stay at Rizonare Atami.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


And more napping.Waiting for a train at Kanaya station.On a Steam Locomotive from Shin Kanaya.Lunch time!駅弁!Friend shrimp.
Napping. It rocks like a cradle...Fell asleep one stop before the last stop.He's enjoying the bleeze from the windows on the SL.Snack time.A view from a window.River view.
A girl and a river.A view from Aputo station on Alpine Abt Train.Connecting abt system (rack railway) train.Cute little train.A view of water.Connection completed, departing soon.
Photo shot with train.Cheese!Boy on a train.... and posing!... and the girl posing.Abt system pushing the train going up the hill.
Photos from the recent trip to Shizuoka Pref. by steam engine and Sumatakyo hot spring.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

アプトライン Alps Abt Line

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Riding SL

Riding SL
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Ooigawa chuchu train. The sound of 999.