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Boy and peanut butter

One day when we were at groceries shopping, my son requested peanut butter, said he liked it. Well, I had never fed him with it so he must had learnt it from somebody or somewhere else. Anyhow, he was begging me and was not allergic to it, we bought a chunky one as per his request.
At home he tried it on a bread, ate a few bites, and that was it. He was not crazy about it. The following day, he insisted on having a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Had a couple of bits, then he picked only the sliced bananas and left the peanut butter and bread.
It didn't seem to me he liked the peanut butter at all.

And the following day, he spread peanut butter on a piece of bread by himself, had a bite, and that was it. He closed the top of the peanut butter bin, and gave a big kiss, saying "I love you so much, peanut butter." It was like a scene with a boy who was talking to his girlfriend, with passion, saying I love you. It was so funny I can't simply put in writing.

Anyhow, he seems like in love with peanut butter, at least, for now.


Auntie Em said…
I love Peanut Butter!!!

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