Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Naoya & Masaki's sweet potato digging school trip

Naoya and Masaki's preschool had a sweet potato digging trip. I asked jiji's help to come with us. The bus took us all to Kawagoe in Saitama in about 2 hours bus ride. Babies could sit almost all through the ride. Amazing.

Masaki was more interested in the busses, going to ride and check out drivers seat of each busses parked with jiji. Naoya was not so happy with his outfit, especially with his shoes covered with mama's old socks. He found a mantis at the farm, and grabbed it with smothe move which made mantis surprised.

After mama digging up the sweet potatos, it was lunch time. We had our lunch, had some nuts picking and tug of war before taking a bus ride back to school.

Naoya and jiji feel asleep on the bus, Masaki didn't... Anyhow, we could survive it with jiji's help.

Photos here.
A video of Masaki trying to fix broken sweet potato here.

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